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ASIA BREWERY, INC. - El Salvador, Misamis Oriental

0/5 Submitted by: admin | Created: 1 year, 5 months ago | Modified: 1 year, 5 months ago

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1982 Out of business visionary Lucio Tan’s desire to uplift the standards of the Filipino beverage consumers by providing them with high-quality products at prices they can afford, Asia Brewery, Inc. was born on January 27, 1982.

1988 ABI introduced its most successful and most controversial brand – Beer Pale Pilsen, now popularly known as Beer na Beer. Because of its high quality and its very attractive pricing strategy, Beer na Beer became the second largest beer brand in the market in no time.

1992 ABI inaugurated its second brewery in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, to meet the growing demand of the Mindanao market. The El Salvador plant was designed to produce 2 million hectoliters of beer per annum. Its facilities are fully automated.

ABI also diversified its product portfolio from beer to non-alcoholic beverages with Summit Natural Drinking Water and Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water.

1995 The launch of Colt 45 Malt Liquor, America’s premium strong beer, opened the door for the entry of strong beer brands in local bars and on-premise outlets.

1999 Beer na Beer, in its new look, was re-introduced in the market during this year. It was in this year that Beer na Beer won a gold medal in the Monde Selection in Brussels, Belgium, proving that it has created a fan base not only in the Philippines but in Europe as well.

With the introduction of Pacific Sun Iced Tea, ABI strengthened its position in the total beverage market.

2000 As if to repeat and surpass the previous year’s achievement, The Monde Selection awarded gold medals to Beer na Beer, Lone Star Beer and Colt 45 Malt Liquor.

2006 Energizing not only ABI but its customers as well, two new products were introduced: 100 PLUS ISOTONIC SPORTS DRINK and COBRA ENERGY DRINK.

100 PLUS ISOTONIC SPORTS DRINK was launched in the Philippines in partnership with F & N (Fraser and Neave Limited), a beverage company with a huge presence in various Asian countries. An isotonic drink, 100 Plus is designed to replenish lost fluids in the body, making it perfect for individuals who have active lifestyles. It makes achieving challenges much more stimulating and enjoyable.

2006 Cobra Energy Drink was launched in December 2006. It was targeted towards individuals who lead active and exhausting lifestyles that demand maximum performance. Because of the physical and mental strain they constantly have to endure, they need the energizing effect of COBRA.

2007 In collaboration with Molson Coors Brewing Company of the US, ABI aggressively established its stake in the premium beer market by introducing Coors Light and Coors Original.

2008 As part of the company’s thrust to expand its bottled water business, Summit Zero Cal was introduced to the market. Summit ZeroCal provides consumers with an exciting and refreshing beverage that doesn’t leave them having to count their calorie intake. It’s perfect for those who lead healthy lifestyles.

To further expand the health and wellness beverage line of ABI, Summit Vitamin Water was also launched the same year. It is meant for people who lead very active lifestyles and are extremely motivated to unleash their potential.

2009 The launch of Tanduay Ice Alcomix made this year truly refreshing. It was an instant hit among young bar-goers and was also accepted by home drinkers with its wide availability in convenience stores, selected supermarkets, and sari-sari stores.

2010 ABI’s first ever dairy product – Vitamilk – was introduced. Consumers quickly embraced its delicious soya taste that’s available at an affordable price.

2011 An exciting addition to the ABI line-up of non-alcoholic beverages is the new Roots Ginger Brew, a sparkling drink made from 100% real ginger, masterfully brewed in Australia.

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Lilibeth Sebial 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Good morning maam/sir,

May I ask if I can visit the plant directly together with my kids and my family?

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